Cloth Inserted Sheet


A copolymer blend of rubber compounds with one or more fabric plies, used to improved dimensional stability if required. Depending on copolymer selection, suitable for use where moderate oil resistance is required and where hot and cold water and gases are being conveyed. Regular ply CI material has a fabric content of one ply per 1/16” thickness and reduced ply is 1 ply per 1/8” thickness. SBR and Neoprene CI is a standard stock item.

Available Sizes   

Standard Thicknesses 1/16 in - 1/4 in .019 m - .076 m
Standard Widths 36 in & 48 in .91 m & 1.2 m
Standard Lengths 35 ft - 100 ft 10.7 m - 30.5 m


  • One side or both side smooth or fabric finish can be supplied.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.